Criminal Record Sealing

It's Time for Your Fresh Start

It's Time for Your Fresh Start

Look into criminal record sealing in Marietta, GA

Why should your past mistakes impact your present job eligibility? As of January 1, 2021, they don't have to. A new law allows Georgia residents to petition the court to restrict and seal some convictions on their criminal records.

If you're ready to petition for criminal record sealing, you should reach out to Albert Law Group in Marietta, GA. You'll work directly with our head attorney who provides a straightforward process and flat-fee pricing. Speak with him now to get started.

Leave the past behind you

The new criminal record sealing law has huge benefits for Marietta, GA residents. You can free yourself from barriers to employment, education and housing. You can petition for a criminal record restriction of up to two misdemeanor convictions four years after your sentence is complete. You can also seal some felony convictions if you've been pardoned. Our attorney will help you determine whether or not your convictions apply.

Meet with attorney Albert today to learn more about criminal record restriction in Marietta, GA.